Q. How can EquityCharges.com benefit me?

EquityCharges.com is a vital service if you are serious about protecting your equity.

Whether through an opportunistic lawsuit, a messy divorce, or through downright property fraud, it is all too easy to lose what you’ve worked so hard for. That’s where we come in.

EquityCharges offers a simple, effective solution to obscure your wealth from opportunists, meaning you are less likely to be involved in frivolous lawsuits and financial scams.

At EquityCharges, we believe that if you’ve earned it, you should keep it.

Q. Are there really that many fraudsters out there?

The simple answer is, yes. Figures from the Land Registry show that property fraud is a growing problem.

In the period from 2013-2017, the number of ‘property hijacking’ cases that the Registry has been involved in has more than doubled. Since 2009, there have been more than 254 fake applications for property, with a total value of more than £117 million.

Property fraud is a serious problem for landlords – and at EquityCharges, we’re offering a handy solution. Simply register with us, and we’ll help you to put a charge on your home, preventing fraudsters from being able to sell your house while you’re away. 

Q. How do I know that my equity will be safe?

At EquityCharges.com, we are proud to have built up more than 25 years’ experience in regulated financial industries.

Using a simple process, we will help you to establish a limited company that will be wholly in your name.

With this limited company, you will be able to put a charge on your home or other collateral. This way, you can remove your wealth from the public register, while remaining in full control of your equity.

Our team are experts in company formation, and we’ll be on hand at all times to help you with any questions along the way.

Q. Is the process completely legal?

Our process is 100% legal and compliant with UK law.

Even after using our financial solutions, your equity will still be discoverable by HMRC and other government bodies.

Further, our processes cannot be used for the purposes of avoiding tax, and are designed only to act as a barrier against frivolous lawsuits and financial scams.

EquityCharges.com and our staff endeavour to stay up-to-date with the latest in financial regulations. We are committed to following the letter of the law, while helping our customers to protect their equity from a variety of threats.

Q. Can EquityCharges.com provide any other useful services to me?

Yes, through our sister companies we can provide a range of financial, administrative and IT services that can make your life easier.

This ranges from company formation and company secretary services, through to mail scanning and forwarding, and even to web hosting and email services.

Whatever your needs are, just get in touch– with our comprehensive suite of services, we can make your life a whole lot easier.